Saturday, October 31, 2015

Weight Lifting & Strength Training

Importance of Weight Lifting and Strength Training

Weight Lifting & Strength Training play an important role in strengthening your core body muscles and making your body less immune to injury.

Most think that when it comes to exercise, it is just things like running, walking, swimming which are important exercises and should suffice. However the fact is that strength training is equally important to have a fit and healthy body.

A strength training workout is when you take your body to its maximum intensity using different resistant exercises. 

This ensures that you are working every part of a muscle. It means, pushing your body to its upper limits including working your muscles to exhaustion levels. Even plyometric Training can increase the intensity of your workouts.

High intensity is different for everyone depending on their level of fitness. As long as you feel you are pushing your body close to or at it's maximum performance, then chances are you are hitting your workout at high intensity.

It is a known fact that if you are looking to build muscle mass and lose body fat, then you have to push your muscles to the next level, however very few actually do that.

Weight lifting and strength training exercises make your back, chest, arms and shoulders much stronger and give you a well toned look. You need to spend a few months in the gym however to get that bulked-up look. 

And it is also very important to work-out all the muscle groups. You need to select a suitable weight and do about 8-10 reps.

And once you have developed those muscles, you need to maintain the muscles by lifting weights on a regular basis. You need to lift heavier weights and do more push-ups and pull ups. Pushing your body into an intense workout will help you to build muscle mass and also help to burn body fat.

However there are few more things besides, a good and effective weight training program that you need to follow for maximum benefits. You also need to have a diet that promotes muscle growth. It is also important to give your muscles adequate rest so that they can repair and grow. 

This is an important aspect because when you work out, you damage your muscle fibers. During rest, your muscle fibers repair themselves and grow in size. 

As you can see there are several benefits of following a muscle building program. However it is important to be persistent when you embark on a Weight Lifting & Strength Training program because you are going to see the results over a period of few months, so you need to be at it. Read more muscle cutting tips  report.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gain Muscle Fast

How to Gain Muscle Fast with DBol Pills

Do you know about DBol Pills?
These are widely used anabolic steroids that are used by many people to enhance strength and muscle growth. They are commonly referred to as Diana or simply Dbol. They are available in 5mg, 10mg and 50mg tablets.

Even though they are no longer manufactured in most approved pharmaceutical companies, these pills are available in most local underground laboratories in tablet forms. 

They are very popular because they are cheap compared with other steroids and very effective in body building.

When taken without precaution, they can have severe side effects and can cause damages to the liver. This means that this steroid should be taken following systematic procedures and steps.

Steps on How to Gain Muscle Fast with DBol Pills.

Split your daily dosage over the course of every day.

In order to achieve optimum benefits of the pills, it is prudent to split the dose over the course of the day. This is possible due to the dosage of tablets that are available. Different users have different dosage depending on their consumption experience. 

However, for moist users, it is recommended to take a dose of between 30mg and 50 mg every day for a complete cycle of around four to six weeks.Consume your dose around meal time.

It is also important to consume your daily dose of DBol Pills around meal time. This is because they can cause stomach upsets and thus it is wise to take them just before or immediately after taking your meals.

Do exercises after consuming your DBol Pills

In order to achieve maximum strengthand increased muscle growth, some experts recommend taking these pills before going for pre-workouts. 

This is solely because blood peak is high at this time thus the steroid tend to work more effectively. However, it is worth noting that this can strain the liver and thus can be risky.

Choose other necessary supplements

It is also recommended to take DBol Pills with other body building supplements to enhance their efficiency. For instance, you can take your pills with Alpha Lipoic Acid, milk thistle and LIV-52.All these supplements are important in protecting your liver.

There are other recommended supplements that can be available in different stores but it is always good to determine if the supplements are compatible with DBol Pills

Therefore if all the above procedures are followed to the later then DBol Pills can be very effective and efficient in muscle growth and energy.


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Monday, September 14, 2015

D-BAL Review (Dianabol Pill Alternative)

D-BAL Review: Safe, Effective Bulking, Mass Gain Pills

If you love the idea of having big muscles, D-BAL is here. On top of that it helps you achieve these muscles fast and a more efficient manner.

So what is D-BAL? To answer your question, it is a supplement that acts as alternative to steroids mimicking the effects of methandrostrenolone which is a grand steroid, producing timely results such as increased mass, strength, and muscles.

Its major effect is to gain lean muscle mass in one’s body quickly making the user feel the effects as those of steroids. This in turn, promotes or improves your strength, muscle size, and your general body mass. 

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What you didn't know

The drug is developed by Crazybulk to mimic the drug, Dianabol that was developed by John Zeigler for the Ciba, a Swiss Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company about seventy years ago.

The purpose of the drug was to help the American Athletes who were performing so poorly in their international games. It was developed to replace the testosterone that they believed was being used in other parts of the world. The task was to produce a safer product with no side effects but still acts like the testosterone.


How it works

D-BAL is both anabolic and androgenic. It works on the basis of nitrogen retention. This is much faster than most steroids in the market. Furthermore, since it is taken orally, it acts fast enough resulting to visible results in just a few days.

How does this come to light? Nitrogen being one of the building blocks of protein, is directly proportional to protein synthesis. In other words, as your muscles holds or rather retain more nitrogen, the more protein is produced hence your muscles grow bigger.

If you workout often, then you probably know that, the more you work out the more you tear your muscles and proteins just come to the aid by repairing and building them.


How to take it

The supplement is taken approximately 45mins after your workout. The recommended dosage is three capsules per day with water. Furthermore, most experts recommend incorporating a desired diet and a workout program if you want to see better results. In addition, it should be used for a minimum of about two months.



  • It is cheaper compared to the other steroids,
  • It is much safer compared to steroids available in the market,
  • It works faster,
  • Users receive more mass,
  • It improves the strength, and stamina of the users.


Side effects

To be precise, the only side effect is the muscle pains that users experience but that has since been ruled out as a working mechanism. Experts have said that that pain cannot be avoided as that is your muscle growing or getting bigger. But other effects may include: Oily skin, and hair growth.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

5 Methods For Bigger Chest

5 Methods For Bigger Chest

The most important thing for all teenage boys who want to build their chest muscle is first of all to understand that it is simple and not as hard as it may look. 

Basically you should start with the basic steps that are simple yet effective. And being a teenager, you have great advantage as your body tends to grow fast and bigger due to high production of growth hormones.

Below is 5 simple methods that you can follow to increase your chest muscle and get rid of that sunken bony chest;

1. Build foundation  

   First you need to get bigger and stronger. You should be able to eat enough food to gain the right weight. You should take in right amount of calories in your food at interval periods of 3 hours. You can also do some squats and dead lifts as it will help you to increase production of hormones that will help you in growth and building of muscle.

2. Bench press exercise

The bench press is considered to be best muscle chest builder. You can start with weight that you can consider being manageable to you. Do some few preps like 10 for can then try to add some more weight to test how far your body will take the added weights. 

It is important to know that as a teen your body is steel developing so just be patient and not try to push yourself too much.

3. Do inclined dumbbell press exercises

This type of dumbbell press is inclining so that exercise itself focuses on the chest area. This exercise is able to give you a rounded look of your pectorals. You can start with a bit hard weights to challenge yourself and see how many preps you can achieve. It is good to make sure that you don’t let your elbow to come below the shoulders during the preps.

4. Bar dip exercise

The exercise will basically focuses on building your chest muscle by relying on your weight as you move up and down. You can challenge yourself by doing as much preps as possible. If your shoulders are capable you can add weights as you perform the exercise.

5. Push-ups

For push-ups you can do with your palms or fist whichever you are comfortable with. You can try to do as many reps as you can and you can even add weight to increase the exercises intensity.

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